Packing Lists

You ask; we deliver!

You may have recently seen our gear shot on Instagram that raised questions…and eyebrows. The most common question was “If I give you my address will you send all of this to me?” — In second place was “Do you have a list?”.

While we are pretty attached to our gear and won’t be mailing out surprise packages, we do have a list. In fact, we have multiple lists…in multiple formats…in multiple colors.  Variety is the spice of life, y’all. For now, we will focus on the backpacking list.

Short disclaimer before we fulfill your organizational dreams:  Please note this is a complete list of all items we have available in our stash — We rarely (read: never) take everything on this list at one time. Every trip is situational so do your research and plan ahead. We have included editable documents so you can make them your own.

If you have questions, would like gear recommendations or simply just want to say WHAT UUUUUP, hit us up on Twitter, InstagramFacebook or drop us an email.

Backpacking Checklist:

Excel (bw)

Excel (color)

PDF (bw)

PDF (color)

Word (bw)

Word (color)