About Us

While sitting at the bar at Upslope Brewing Company in Boulder, CO trying new beer, we received our check and the bartender put “Register Couple” as our name. That’s how this moniker was born.

We are J.C. and Mandy Gage; married on March 7, 2015 in what could be called our first adventure together. We’ve traveled to Paris, London, Mexico, Colorado, The Smokies and a bunch of state parks all over Texas. Climbing mountains, sleeping next to rivers, swatting mosquitos – as long as we’re outside, we’re happy. We’re regular people, we just like to regularly be outdoors. This is where you can see those stories.

We feel most alive when we’re outside, and at home in the mountains. We want to share this adventure together, and you’re welcome to come with.

Let’s go.

Big Bend Sunset 2


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