Weekly Photo Challenge: Not All Bridges Are For Crossing

During our first night in Banff, we found ourselves in a helluva pickle.

In the midst of the storm we get introduced to “the” bridge, roughly .7 miles from where our assigned campsite was.

To cross or not to cross?

At the time we reached the river, we were able to pass, but we were being pelted by rain and hail with no sign of letup.

Ugh. Our setbacks were having setbacks.

Should we go across and risk not being able to return the following morning? Would this bridge be passable in the morning?

It wasn’t.

This photo is from the following morning. The bottom of the bridge was constructed of two 4×4’s, held together with a combination of screws, wire and wishful thinking. Preeeetty sketchy. You’ll notice the “base” of the bridge is ROCKS HELD TOGETHER WITH CHICKEN WIRE!

Sometimes, bridges are better left uncrossed, and egos better checked at the trailhead.

via Photo Challenge: Bridge


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Not All Bridges Are For Crossing

    1. Honestly, we’re not sure. They’re the same ones who told us we might experience a little snow on the Skoki Loop, but it was waist deep in snow. That storm that kept us from crossing “the” bridge ended up knocking their power out for 20 hours we were told.


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