Bears Aren’t Real

*No “bears” were harmed, or even seen, photographed, smelled, heard, in the production of this post. Because they’re not real.

We were really expecting to see “bears” when we went to Banff National Park last month. We were warned to be careful when we reserved our campsites, we were warned on Twitter, we were warned by everyone at REI, basically everyone we met told us to be “bear” aware while camping in Canada.

We’ve seen pictures of them, we all have, but we’ve all also seen the iconic Bigfoot picture, right?

In our prep for Canada, we read multiple books on “bear” safety – how to store & hang our food, the distinguishing features between species, among a ton of other information for surviving in “bear” country. We watched documentaries, including Grizzly Man with the infamous Timothy Treadwell – there’s even footage of him touching them!

Almost had us convinced.

Nope, no “bears” here. -Banff National Park

Our adventures have taken us all over “bear” country. From the west Texas desert in Big Bend National Park, to the black “bear” hotbed that is Cade’s Cove in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, to the aforementioned “you HAVE to be prepared for bears” Banff National Park.

Not a single “bear.” Not a “bear” turd, track or scent. Nothing.

Or here. -Great Smoky Mountains National Park

We’ve basically gone searching for “bears” only to see a moose (once, in Breckenridge), some ringtails in Big Bend, and a chipmunk. All things that “bears” SUPPOSEDLY eat, but ne’er not one “bear.”

Emory Peak Trail 1
Beautiful? Yes. “Bears”? No. -Big Bend National Park

We hope we’re wrong; we want to believe. We really do. From a safe distance, outfitted with bear spray, a large group, while making lots of noise.

Try and prove us wrong and tweet us your best “bear” pics.



3 thoughts on “Bears Aren’t Real

  1. hahahha, now i wonder what kind of bears did you not see up there? The black bear or the grizzly bear, or do they have both up there ?
    We only have the smaller black bear here, we have only seen one while out and about – that is it!! Couple of signs telling us about them, or what to do if a person encounters them – more signs then the animal 😉
    Glad everything went well !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We saw some people who saw a black “bear” and there are definitely grizzlies too. It was great, but we’ve seen more wildlife on the side of the road in Houston than on our travels!


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