Weekly Photo Challenge: Transitioning to Transience

Transience is generally not a hot topic for couples, and we’re not really an exception. We try to keep the talk of impermanence to a minimum. That being said, with every passing summer, we find ourselves trying to be a little more transient. A little more dirtbag-gy. We’re not sure what that means, but this blog is our pursuit of it.

Maybe it’s because we spent our younger, typically more fleeting years, having kids and doing what it takes to provide for them. Maybe we’re late bloomers. Maybe we’re just now figuring it out. Whatever the reason, we’re here now. We’re wandering now. We’re becoming transient guests of the world, together, one four-day weekend at a time.

Our time in Canada was fleeting…and addicting. Transient beings we’ll become.

Check out our latest adventure to Canada, where our wanderlust took us most recently.

via Photo Challenge: Transient


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