That One Thing

Every single trip, there’s One Thing we forget. Unnecessary accessories like our camera tripod, stickers, or Mandy’s super cute hat for photo ops. Kinda important stuff, not enough to ruin the trip, but you’re kicking yourself for forgetting it: parachord, coffee (gasp!), duct tape. Then, there’s the big ticket items. The vital shit. It was on the checklist. Like rain pants (*cough* most recent trip to Banff NP *cough*).

One Thing, you’re never the same, but always just the thing. Never life threatening (knock on wood), but cuss-worthy? You betcha. We understand the temptation to not show your face on the big trips, it makes sense. What we really like about you though, is that no trip is too small for you to forget to make an appearance. There’s always One Thing that gets left behind, even on a day trip to the local trails. Quick run, no problem, right? One Thing you definitely won’t need is your earbuds. Go ahead, leave them at home.

We really do love you, One Thing. You frustrate, enrage and disappoint, sure. But you also teach, and keep us coming back for more. Forgetting rain pants and hiking through a rain and hail storm is a really…humbling activity. It’s also one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. Like Brendan Leonard says: Nobody ever wrote, “And then it got really hard, so we quit.”  What option do you have when you’re soaked and freezing? You don’t have any, that’s the answer. You do what it takes. And that’s where adventure resides. On the border of hypothermia and new friends. Long runs and no music. Sunrises and no camp shoes. That’s where we like to live.

Sometimes you don’t have to go looking for adventure, you have to forget it at home.

What’d you forget?

Cool pic, y’all, but where’s that One Thing?

6 thoughts on “That One Thing

  1. I hate to say it, but more often than not, that One Thing has been underwear! Easily solved with sink laundry or a Target store at the destination, but still annoying. Forgot the rain pants once also – on a sleety 10-hour hike in Iceland – very bad move.

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  2. Would you mind sharing your packing list for this trip (or any of your other lists…ha!)? My husband and I are actually planning a trip to Banff and it would love to have your input. 🙂

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