Kids To Parks Day

For Kids To Parks Day (and to test our new sleeping pads for our upcoming Canada trip), we boogied up I-45 90 minutes to Sam Houston National Forest. Not only did we take our girls, but this time J.C.’s sister, Claire, and nephew Mac came along – and it was Mac’s first camping trip. Needless to say, we were all thuper thtoked!


Camp was set up by late afternoon and we could already tell that we were going to need our rainflys.


That didn’t keep our newest camper from exploring all the different tasting dirts.

We grilled burgers, dealt with an overbearing park host and spotted lightning bugs before we bedded down early after prepping to deal with the stormy night ahead of us. At about 2:30, the sky let out. You’d think it would be a crappy way for the baby’s first camping trip to go, but their tent held up perfectly and Mac was probably the only one of us who slept through the storm.

By the time we woke up, the storm had passed, so breakfast continued as normal. Except not. Our fire was a bit…moist. If you thought our recent post about camp fails meant we were done making mistakes, you don’t know us very well. We brought along our Jetboil, but not a stove backup to our charcoal. So breakfast took a hot minute.

3 hours later.


Tummies (finally) full, we packed up and headed out to the Lone Star Trail – the longest trail in Texas, to spend a few hours exploring.


We spent about 4 hours on the trail; not nearly long enough, but long enough to know that we’ll be back.







Where did you go for Kids to Parks Day? Share with us in the comments or on Twitter.

“I’m in a mesh case of emotion!”

P.S. – Never accidentally trip over your words and accidentally use a lisp around this brother-sister tandem; they’re relentleth.


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