Life on the Food Chain

Our first big camping trip was driving across Texas to Big Bend National Park, and it was full of firsts: our first time camping in a national park, the furthest from home we’d ever camped, and it was our first time in bear country.

Are you bear aware?

No matter how you cut it, that is scary as hell. Seeing wildlife is generally one of our favorite parts of our adventures, but as cool as bears are, they’re just as intimidating. You’re back on the food chain, and holy shit is that exhilarating.

Next month we’re going to Banff National Park in Canada; we’re so stoked, still can’t believe it’s happening, but it’s going to be a lot different than the “maybe, kinda, sorta camping with” black bears that we did in Big Bend. It’s going to be camping with GRIZZLY bears that are likely just coming out of hibernation. We’ve loaded up on books about camping with bears and are doing our due diligence; we’re going to be bear aware, but it’s still pretty dangerous.

And we can’t wait.

via Photo Challenge: Danger!


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