Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Outdoorsy Mom

Hi Mom

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and that means you should be thinking about the perfect gift for the mom in your life, even if she says otherwise (it’s a trap!). Being an outdoor mom myself, I’m here to give you the scoop on what she’ll love. Whether she’s the practical mom, the zen mom, the stylish mom or the don’t-talk-to-me-until-I’ve-had-my-coffee mom, there’s something on the list just for her.

*We are not affiliated with any of these brands and have not received anything for this post.


Rain Jacket – I’m a big fan of this Talusphere Rain Jacket from REI. It’s got a ton of pockets, ventilation and a drawstring to cinch the bottom. With the great selection of colors and sizes, this would be an awesome choice for any mom. I plan on taking this jacket with me when we go to Banff in June. Sugar melts, y’all!


Pocket Knife – Think this gift idea is better suited for gents? Just check out this turquoise + abalone shell version from Santa Fe Stoneworks—SWOON!


Stove – The JetBoil Flash is compact, lightweight, reliable and has an easy-to-use push start making it the ideal choice for the backcountry. Don’t forget to pick up the French press attachment—DO forget to say “make me a sammich”…

Hikers Brew Coffee photo

Coffee – Moms are superheroes powered by caffeine. Whether at home or posted up in the backcountry refusing to go back to civilization, Hikers Brew Coffee offers so many great flavors to get her day started off right. We’ve got a promo code to help you out!


Sunglasses – If I ever leave home without these Dipseas from Sunski, it’s on accident. I love the tortoise frame + emerald lens combo.

outdoor pants

Outdoor Pants – If I ever leave home without pants, it’s on purpose. Kidding! Kind of. These lucy Get Going Pants are stretchy and breathable as much as they are stylish and versatile—Sure to be the new go-to item!


Jewelry – Have you ever gone cliff jumping only to pop up out of the water and realize that you lost your wedding ring upon entry? (No—Just my husband?) I highly recommend Qalo rings. At $12-$25 each, these silicone bands are adventure-friendly and easy to remove from swollen hands.



Skin Care – This Mineral Peel Face spray-on exfoliant is the perfect refresher after a day out in the elements. It takes less than 2 minutes, start to finish, so this is ideal for that busy mom in your life who likes a little pampering.

yoga mat

Yoga Mat – Before or after any adventure, yoga is great for resetting the mind and body. Pick up this gorgeous Magic Carpet Deco Yoga Mat for your favorite yogi. You’ll score bonus points (and someone to crush on) if you check out Yoga with Adriene—30 Days of Yoga.


Hammock – There are a lot of great hammocks on the market, however, my personal favorite for lounging is the single from Tribe Provisions (Bonus: when you buy 2, you save 20%. Go ahead and grab one for yourself; we’ll never tell…)

Above all else, we believe that experiences outweigh possessions. Nothing will make her feel more loved than taking her on an adventure and creating more memories. If you can’t get outdoors for Mother’s Day (May 14th—write. it. down.), any of these gifts are a great way to show how much she is appreciated.

If you do get outside for her special day, we want to hear about it! Drop us a line via email or in the comments.


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