Back in March, we took all three of our girls on a road trip to Breckenridge, Colorado to spend Spring Break in the mountains. Just the two of us went to Colorado last year, and it was then that we really discovered what wanderlust means to us, and it was time to share that with the kids.

Wanderlust means believing that there’s always something else out there for us, and we have to go find it. That’s what the trip to Breck was all about – showing the kids that there’s so much out there, and it’s more beautiful than they expected. The mountains never stop amazing us, and we feel so fortunate that we could pass that on to our kiddos.

We participate in a lot of twitter chats, and one of the more common questions we see is some variation of “What are you doing to encourage the next generation to get outside?” We’re being the example and taking them with us, showing them that there’s nothing better than being in the mountains with no WiFi.

We all skied for the first time, rode in a gondola, went snowshoeing, even saw a moose! The girls all received their Jr. Ranger certifications from Rocky Mountain National Park, where we saw plenty of deer and what Sprague Lake looks like when it’s not completely frozen. Best trip ever would be an understatement, but it’ll have to do…until next time.

Wanderlust took us to Colorado, wanderlove will bring us back.

Sawmill Trail walking distance from our condo in Breckenridge
Told ya we saw a moose!
Actually catching a sweet moment between them!
Our first time riding a lift
By the end of our first day skiing, the girls had it figured out
J.C. and the girls on the left
Tennis rackets on our feet at Boreas Pass
The view from Boreas Pass
Flatirons Vista Trail in Boulder
The Flatirons remind us of the old Windows background
The contrast between Breckenridge and Boulder was incredible
The last time we were here in Jan. ’16, Sprague Lake was completely frozen
They don’t make snowladies like this down in Houston, y’all!
Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

via Photo Challenge: Wanderlust


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