More than just Caffeine with Hikers Brew Coffee

If you’ve ever tweeted with us, you probably know we love coffee…but we’re not coffee snobs; we’ll still drink the ‘bucks, however, we do try to locate cool coffee brands that stand for the same type of stuff that we do. We found that with Hikers Brew Coffee.

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It’s kinda funny how we ended up with a complete sampler pack and a full bag of Caramel Canyon; J.C. signed up Mandy for the emails, J.C. bought the 12 oz. bag of CC, Mandy’s mom bought us the samplers. A perfect example of poor communication going right.

The thing that sets Hikers Brew apart from most other coffee companies is that their packaging is 100% compostable. Super awesome, but they’re also organic & fair trade.

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We’ve tried a Venture Pouch in our Jetboil, and it’s just the right size to make a full “pot” when we use our French press attachment. We’re definitely bringing some pouches with us to Banff NP in June. If you wanted to just sample all the different flavors, you can get about 4 Keurig cups or one pot of regular brew from a single pouch.


The Basecamp bag is typical in that it’s a 12 oz. bag of ground coffee, but the Caramel Canyon flavor tastes exceptional. We’re big caramel (care-uh-mel) fans in the RC household and whether we’re mixing it with MCT Oil or sugar and cream, it really does taste fantastic.

If you’re making us pick just one flavor as our favorite, then we’ve gotta go with Hazy Hiker. It’s a tasty blend of sweet and strong, with emphasis on the sweetness. This one aims to “cure the Hazy Hiker in us every morning” and it does so deliciously.


There are a ton of niche coffee makers out there, but this one’s made for people like us. It’s more than just the name, sustainability and our environment actually matter to Hikers Brew. We thought you might like it, so we got a 15% discount to share. Just enter REGISTERCOUPLE at check out through the end of May.



4 thoughts on “More than just Caffeine with Hikers Brew Coffee

    1. Thanks! We agree. We both drink coffee pretty much all day, Mandy even drinks at night. We love us some coffee, and thought Hikers Brew seemed pretty cool. Turns out it’s really delicious too.


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