Surprise! We’re back & we’re leaving again

We know, we know, we know. We’ll catch you up on our recent excursion to Colorado, but we’re back now, and we’ve got some big news.

We’re going to Canada!


We’ve teased it, but we wanted to go ahead and officially announce that we’re heading to Banff National Park in June. We have already received our Discovery Pass and have booked our campsites for 3 nights. In just under two months, we’re leaving the country to go camping!

We’re going to “thru-hike” the Skoki Loop, staying in a different site each night. Stepping off from the Fish Creek trailhead, we’ll spend our first night in Baker Lake. We’ll hike around Fossil Mountain and past Skoki Lodge National Historic Site before spending our second night in Merlin Meadows. Our third and final night will be spent in Hidden Lake before returning to the Fish Creek trailhead where the trip began. We can’t wait!

2017 is Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, so the parks are free all year! This is the perfect opportunity to go see one of the most picturesque mountain ranges; we couldn’t let this pass us by, so off we go!

In the meantime, we’ve teamed up with Hiker’s Brew Coffee to give you 15% off your next order from them, just enter the code REGISTERCOUPLE at checkout.

Have you been to Banff National Park? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!



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