Day Trip Destination: Austin

You ditched the kids and you’ve got a day to yourself, what do you do? Sit around and do the “same ol’, same ol'”? No thanks! We were kid-free for the weekend, so we woke up early and took the three-hour trip to spend our Saturday getting weird in Austin. There’s so much to do in the Texas capital and it’s easy to get overwhelmed, so we put together our day trip itinerary here.

1. Run/walk/bike ride at Lady Bird Lake


Get there early! Austin is rated among the fittest cities in the country, so you’re going to have to walk a bit for parking, but that’s kinda the point here, right?  We were shocked by just how many people were out on the trails, but traffic on them wasn’t an issue (if you’re slower, just keep right). It wasn’t as overwhelming as you might expect, so go ahead, control your breathing and get your miles in! Don’t stress about sweating…

2. Take a dip at Bull Creek Greenbelt


Bring a towel and bring your body temp down in the chilly waters at the Bull Creek Greenbelt. There are trails along the sides that you can explore as well, but the ice cold water is the real treat here. Cool off, rinse off, and relax before grabbing brunch.

3. Brunch!


If you’ve ever been to Austin…if you’ve ever HEARD OF Austin, you know there’s fantastic food on every corner. Food trucks are everywhere! It’s hard to eat something bad anywhere in the city, there’s something for everyone. Especially if that something is tacos.

4. Check out graffiti at Hope Outdoor Gallery


You’ve got to walk that food off before getting on the water. Climb around and take it in; if you’re feeling especially artsy, add your own tag!

5. Paddle on, Garth!


Your afternoon should be winding down at this point and the heat of the Texas sun SHOULD have calmed down a little, go back to Lady Bird Lake and rent a kayak or SUP from Congress Avenue Kayak for an hour or two. You might even get lucky and witness a rowing competition like we did, just be sure to stay out of the way!

6. Catch a sunset at Mount Bonnell


Texas sunsets really are LEGIT; catch the best view in Austin at Mount Bonnell. Get there about an hour before sunset to get good parking and a front row seat to watch the sky dance and change colors. Note: Once you climb the steps, go down the “trail” to the right; it’s about 20 yards to get the BEST view.

We even stumbled upon a “Day of the Dead” parade that we had no idea was going on! It was a really packed day, but we made the most of the 12 hours we had, doing what we love most – being outside!


We love you ATX, see you again soon!

P.S. – REI is choosing to #OptOutside this Black Friday; they are closing their doors at all the stores and paying their employees (J.C. included) to go spend time outside. We’re choosing to spend Black Friday, and as many days before and after then, outside – Will you go out with us?

Will you go out with us? #OptOutside

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