Honeymoon, Part 2: London, England

Despite all the obstacles we had to overcome in Paris for the first part of our honeymoon, we still had a great time, but we were ready to understand what everyone was saying and get to London.

We were leaving on Thursday around noon, but we still had to get our bags from the airport. I’ll save you the boring details, but we had to switch to a later train after making our 3rd trip to Charles de Gaulle Airport. Not a terribly big deal, but in our rush, we did get hustled out of about 10 Euros by a guy who walked us in a big circle. No harm, no foul – count it as a lesson learned about time management.

Again, for timeliness’s sake, I’ll save the details about the train ride from France to London, but it was really cool getting to see the countryside there. It’s not really something that is as glorified as the amazing European cities, but it was very beautiful.

We arrived in London in the late afternoon/early evening, and let me tell you, we were so ecstatic to have zero issues getting to our hotel. The lines for getting a cab leaving from the train station were so much easier to navigate in English and they were managed well. We were both in awe, just staring out the windows as we maneuvered through the city. We just thought it was cool to ride in a typical, British cab anyway!

Mind the Gap
Mind the gap, please.

We got to our hotel, the Montague Hotel, and we were completely blown away. We literally can’t recommend them enough. Their staff was the best, and that’s not hyperbole. They were beyond friendly and made London feel like home, offering us directions, ideas and tips. They also left us a card, signed by the entire staff, congratulating us on our marriage and wishing us a Happy Honeymoon. We were truly blown away by their hospitality.

By the time we got all settled in, it was time to get ready for dinner and to go out for the night! For dinner, we had to have Fish & Chips. I know it’s cliche, but we had to. Mandy doesn’t really do seafood, but she was willing to try it since it was AUTHENTIC! We took the advice of the hotel concierge and stopped at Rock & Soul Plaice, a fish & chips place inĀ  Covent Garden. Our waiter at the “restaurant” was great, too. Of course we had to tell him that we were on our honeymoon, because duh. While we were eating, he ended up running across the street and got us a couple of post cards! How cool is that? It’s my understanding that tipping isn’t really a thing there, but we went ahead and left him a good one. Put good in, get good out, right?

We were told that Covent Garden is one of the more…festive…areas of London, so that’s where we decided to go out at since it was about a 5-10 minute walk from our hotel. We ended up getting a couple of free drinks since we were on our honeymoon, and Mandy even bought a round of shots for a wedding party she saw on the way to the restroom. Had a great first day/night in London! One of the biggest shocks we ran into was that virtually NOTHING is open after midnight. The bars closed at midnight and there weren’t any fast food/drunk food places open, so keep that in mind if you make the trip!

The next day, Friday, was our day to really get out and see the city. We decided to take a double decker bus for the convenience and it was the perfect option for seeing as much of the city as you can in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend them when checking out a new city.

We got to see all of the big sites – Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Shard, but our favorite had to have been the London Eye. The view from the top was absolutely breathtaking. You could see for miles (kilometers, even!) every way. The buggies that you get in are full with about 15 people (I don’t remember the exact amount, could’ve been more) so you don’t have a ton of privacy, but everyone was respectful of your space and allowed everyone else to get their selfies in. The entire ride lasted about 30 minutes and we were lucky enough to get on right at sunset. If you ever make it to London, you HAVE to ride the London Eye – really try to do it at sunset if you can; you won’t regret it.

(Brace yourself, it’s about to get picture heavy up in here!)

That brings us to our last full day in London, Saturday March 14. My favorite soccer team, Arsenal, were playing West Ham in the Barclays Premier League – my favorite league to watch. We wanted to get tickets to go to the game, but it just wasn’t financially possible at this point. We did, however, go to a local pub to watch the match. It was everything I hoped for – the Arsenal won 3-0, the atmosphere was insane and we even made some local friends. I enjoyed myself immensely – next time we’re definitely getting into the Emirates Stadium.

The next day was extremely bitter sweet. I’m about as #MURICA as it gets, but I completely fell in love with London. I know we had some issues in Paris, but we had nothing but the best time in London. I can’t wait to go back; I still think about our time spent there every single day.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? What do you remember the most from it?


7 thoughts on “Honeymoon, Part 2: London, England

  1. Your trip sounds amazing! Love that you can laugh at yourselves. We went to Arizona and did a road trip through Tucson, Phoenix, the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Something so magical about exploring the world together!

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      1. I rode The Skyview in Atlanta (much smaller) with Tobias and I kept saying “Sit down!” and “Don’t rock it!” And holding on tightly. I’m actually a closet wimp, I just do all the things I’m scared of anyway, hah.

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