Cotopaxi Questival: 24 Fun-STUFFED Hours

Street Art

If you follow either of us on social media, you no doubt had your timeline flooded with our crazy videos and pictures from Dallas. We took on Dallas in The Questival put on by adventure brand Cotopaxi, which is self-described as “a 24-hour adventure race where teams of 2 to 6 people complete outdoor challenges to win trips, gear, and more.” Sounds pretty fun, right? It was!

do good

The challenges ranged from following them on social media to having a staring contest with a stranger while casually eating a piece of fruit to eating cricket tacos. The emphasis wasn’t necessarily on quantity as much as it was on quality – being as creative as possible while completing as many challenges as possible. In the end, the winner would be chosen by a combination of points gained from completing challenges and from votes on their app. Oh yeah, what exactly were we competing for? Oh no big deal, just an all-expenses paid trip to South America! So needless to say, we were excited.

We had to drop the kids off with Mandy’s parents and then we were off to the kickoff party where there would be the opportunity to complete challenges, meet other teams, get free swag, etc. We got there right around 5:30 p.m. and the Questival went live at 7. 7 p.m. Friday till 7 p.m. Saturday – that’s how long we had to complete as many challenges as possible. The fun started as soon as we got there.

There were llamas!

Lily The Llama

Our team name was: Llama Let You Finish But… (see: Kanye v. Taylor Swift, 2009) and our shirts were a hit!

Most of the challenges were a blast and we created some brilliant videos. Make sure you check out our team page to view all our videos and pictures that we uploaded. Some of our favorites were:

Scare a teammate while camping

Find the John Neely Bryan cabin replica and take a video sharing a fact about Dallas

As a team do 15 seconds of ‘foot fires’ in a busy area of Deep Ellum Have a stranger film.

There were a bunch more, these were just our 3 favorites.

We ended up not winning, which was a bummer, but in the end, we saw a lot of Dallas in very little time and we had a blast doing it together. It’s always better together.



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