Weekly Photo Challenge: Not All Bridges Are For Crossing

During our first night in Banff, we found ourselves in a helluva pickle. In the midst of the storm we get introduced to "the" bridge, roughly .7 miles from where our assigned campsite was. At the time we reached the river, we were able to pass, but we were being pelted by rain and hail … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Not All Bridges Are For Crossing


Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta

Fireworks are a blast (I know, staaahhhhp). Explosions in the sky - loud booms, flashing lights, illuminating the sky. As Americans, we oooh and ahhh over them at least once a year, every year at this time, for the 4th of July. As such, they've come to represent freedom, family, fun and Americana in general. … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta

Camping in Canada: What We Learned

We still can't believe that we actually camped in Canada. You could say that we've got a pretty righteous case of perma-stoke from it. We'll never forget the mountains, the summer snow, the views that took us to our knees, but we also learned a lot of unforgettable lessons. We did a lot of research … Continue reading Camping in Canada: What We Learned

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transitioning to Transience

Transience is generally not a hot topic for couples, and we're not really an exception. We try to keep the talk of impermanence to a minimum. That being said, with every passing summer, we find ourselves trying to be a little more transient. A little more dirtbag-gy. We're not sure what that means, but this … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Transitioning to Transience

That One Thing

Every single trip, there's One Thing we forget. Unnecessary accessories like our camera tripod, stickers, or Mandy's super cute hat for photo ops. Kinda important stuff, not enough to ruin the trip, but you're kicking yourself for forgetting it: parachord, coffee (gasp!), duct tape. Then, there's the big ticket items. The vital shit. It was on … Continue reading That One Thing

Oh, Canada!

Prepare all you want, but unexpected twists make for the best kind of adventure. You can have all your gear laid out, but still forget your hat in the car at the airport (guilty). You can go over the lists a bajillion times, but don't buy rain pants (also guilty). We had checklists, booked our … Continue reading Oh, Canada!


Buh-bye! Adios! Au revoir! We're hopping on a plane...right now (thanks, WordPress mobile app), with just our packs, and are heading to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?! Are we ready? Yeah, probably. As ready as we can be for something we've never done before. We've poured over tons of … Continue reading Banff-bound