That One Thing

Every single trip, there's One Thing we forget. Unnecessary accessories like our camera tripod, stickers, or Mandy's super cute hat for photo ops. Kinda important stuff, not enough to ruin the trip, but you're kicking yourself for forgetting it: parachord, coffee (gasp!), duct tape. Then, there's the big ticket items. The vital shit. It was on … Continue reading That One Thing

Oh, Canada!

Prepare all you want, but unexpected twists make for the best kind of adventure. You can have all your gear laid out, but still forget your hat in the car at the airport (guilty). You can go over the lists a bajillion times, but don't buy rain pants (also guilty). We had checklists, booked our … Continue reading Oh, Canada!


Buh-bye! Adios! Au revoir! We're hopping on a plane...right now (thanks, WordPress mobile app), with just our packs, and are heading to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?! Are we ready? Yeah, probably. As ready as we can be for something we've never done before. We've poured over tons of … Continue reading Banff-bound

You did what?! Our Most Memorable Camping Fails

Let's admit it; we've all done some stupid shit when it comes to camping. The type of idiocy that nobody talks about during #hikerchat, #parkchat or anywhere, because it's SO embarrassing. Well, now's the time to talk about it. Camping snafus are hilarious to look back on, mostly because we survived. It wasn't actually that … Continue reading You did what?! Our Most Memorable Camping Fails

Life on the Food Chain

Our first big camping trip was driving across Texas to Big Bend National Park, and it was full of firsts: our first time camping in a national park, the furthest from home we'd ever camped, and it was our first time in bear country. No matter how you cut it, that is scary as hell. … Continue reading Life on the Food Chain

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Outdoorsy Mom

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and that means you should be thinking about the perfect gift for the mom in your life, even if she says otherwise (it’s a trap!). Being an outdoor mom myself, I’m here to give you the scoop on what she’ll love. Whether she’s the practical mom, the zen mom, the … Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Outdoorsy Mom

More than just Caffeine with Hikers Brew Coffee

If you've ever tweeted with us, you probably know we love coffee...but we're not coffee snobs; we'll still drink the 'bucks, however, we do try to locate cool coffee brands that stand for the same type of stuff that we do. We found that with Hikers Brew Coffee. It's kinda funny how we ended up with … Continue reading More than just Caffeine with Hikers Brew Coffee